I regret nothing.

trying to teach maiself skateboarding and failing miserably.

spending so much money on clothes and still feeling like i never have enough.

the severe pain of belly flops that i endured just to learn how to dive.

crying every time i drove. it made my mother laugh.

the years I was not ok.

that i never became a reader or enjoyed reading…and never will.

becoming a vegetarian. it changed my life for the better, though no one seems to understand.

treating my beautiful hair like a canvas.

moments with them.

the moments I blacked and will never know.

those friends I shouldn’t have had.

realizing i loved superheroes and that i am a dork.

pretending that I was different animals and getting rele embarassed when interrupted.

the day i nearly drowned at sea.

those who made me stir in my sleep.

the days God cried and made me rearrange arrangements.

being the one who fucked up.

always being me. especially when others didn’t like it.


when I forgot to think.

wasting time.

I’m scared but i feel like i won’t regret this.

getting asked to leave.

all the places i’ve never seen.

all the places i’ve never been.

doing what I was told not to.

having gum burst all over my face and clothes. the size of the bubble should have gone down in history.

trusting strangers.

hating myself sometimes.


I am sorry I made them sad

loving myself too much sometimes.



3 responses to “I regret nothing.

  1. Ellen

    May 14, 2011 at 8:57 pm

    this is beautiful, you are beautiful. Never change.

  2. SadhbhQuinn

    October 28, 2011 at 11:05 pm

    Your blog makes me crazy with inspiration. I am insane with your madly gettable way of telling a story which I REALLY GET, I feel less lonely while your here, in the world, too

    SAYONARA, your (never too) far away bestieXXXX


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