If life is a catwalk, run laik a dog…

This page is about ACCEPTANCE and FREEDOM.
I thought it was necessary since I feel so awfully glum.
Today I did not pass my stupid driving test.
And cried for an hour just because my instructor was a pest.
I then had to go through the effort of making myself feel better,
I played some music and wiped my tears on mai sweater.
I realised that no matter what i did I was still bound to fail
Since its mainly fixed on appearance and I hadn’t dressed laik a nun with a veil
And when i was done I had the freedom to leave that instructing nob
And know that I would never be fixed doing such a worthless job
I started to think of all the good things that surround me,
Acceptance and Freedom, the beauties that bring me glee.
i hate watermarked photos, u slutz ruin everything

Samantha (kidsofnewyork):

+ ok so maybe Hair will be the last released track we will listen to, deal? xxx

a deal it is then :) xxx

cheers to that X
wetcigarettes:The insides of NYC subway cars back in the 80’s.
childhood343 This entertainment brought to you by GIFS (13 gifs)
La policía no se está con tonterías

One response to “If life is a catwalk, run laik a dog…

  1. timmay

    May 17, 2011 at 2:36 pm

    this is epic!!nice one


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