They lift me one step higher <3

we’ve been on many an adventure together. Probably none as a exciting as his mountain biking but I love them all the same. :-]

This sexbomb is one of the most FANTASTIC people I’ve ever met. Hes so pessimistic that he makes the world around him a happier place. ❤

oh HEY blondie posing laik a Japanese Tourist. Its true, she laiks video games and Asian dramas but its ok, we can still be friends.

The one woman who will never stop traveling the world, and yet, she still always comes home to me. ❤

One of my most beautiful college friends who orgasmed at the touch of the new carpet in my room.

Wish I’d been there this night, we’re a bit TOO gud at partying together.

She’d rob ye blind. I’m jst lucky I don’t own a CENT.

Ash yi Lash! Giz a go of yir Gash! …Ryan obbers wasnt thinkin the same…

My only Polish friend who I would fight for till the end.. ❤

When we are tired of this friend, we put him in a box for better days.

My terrific trooper who gives me more hope then one could ever imagine.

This is Jesus. He just doesn’t know it yet.

She is the only proper sophistication station in my life. I pray every night that she’ll publish a book, it would be the only one I’d ever look forward to reading… :-]

Using suncream as a mixer is apparently the way to go these days. I’m lucky I have such amazing friends to teach me such amazing knowledge.

and this is…HOLY SHIZ!!! wat IZ DAT THING????? i wudnt be its friend anyway?????

Looking heartcore as yooj but is actually the biggest super softie, softie than a marshmellow. She could go join the marshmellow people in marshmellow land.

I think this is probably mai favourite childhood friend…no WAIT! I’m certain. :-]

She really looks laik that, swears!…just kiddiiings!!! wat ELSE wud ya be doin on a daily basis??

Yes, I have realised that this frend of mine is magic. I know, its hard not to be SOUPER jaylous.

One beautiful man I met on my adventures in Chicago and I’ll never forget my Davis. ❤

Two of my most beloved lovers. They found these delightful French souvenirs on the streets of Nice where we all got hours of enjoyment. Don’t ask.

School would never have been the same with the two biggest messers in history. ❤ & ❤

This is how he impresses the ladies…


Popping flower buds on our strolls & restraining me from visits cause her dog is secretly evil Lord Farquad.


A never to be forgotten man. It makes me happyface when we porshy or coffee together.

Nic moi.

Not often seen without a hat. This friend is too good at throwing the slags. Some day we’re gonna have to have a vegetarian boxing match about this. Loser must eat a can of tuna.

We road trip. Her love of countrysides & watching the world go by warms my heart.


4 responses to “They lift me one step higher <3

  1. Chris

    April 3, 2011 at 10:56 pm

    Loving the blog, and that photo! LOL

  2. Sayra

    April 4, 2011 at 9:54 pm


  3. Sayra

    April 4, 2011 at 9:56 pm

    ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ asian stuff is fantastic… COURSE YOU WANA BE MY FRIEND!


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