My fingers are about to fall off.

I have an exam coming up in less than a weak,
And mai pieces should really be at their peak,
But as you can see I muddle and I’m a mess,
And my scales are even worse if I am to confess,
I’ve been twanging for hours and my fingers are in bits,
But its too late now to give up and go quits.
I just want to go outside and play,
But I now have two essays over which I must slay.
Wish me luck since its all becoming a huge disaster,
And I need to get mai shiz together alot facking faster! :/
killing a perfectly exciting South American chooooooooon
I really super laik this piece. It reminds me of cinderelly *_*

The first study I ever laiked!
Botching a gorgeous Milonga Para Amar (Milonga For Loving)
Here I am boppin a Farewell To Music

After relistening to these disasters I realised Jessica (mai harp) is deerikulously out of tune. *sigh*

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